About us

My Story

Original Sin Baking Co comes from a life-long love of cooking and baking.

Growing up in a strict Catholic household paved the way for the whimsical title of all that I bake, with a bit of tongue in cheek humor and a passion to entertain those around me.

As my two children grew I taught them math with measuring spoons and cups as I baked away. But through it all I tried to perfect my cookie recipes. There was never a shortage of willing taste testers whether it was family, friends or members of various sports teams. Through it all, my goal was to bake something that everyone liked and looked forward to eating.

After many iterations, here is the fruit of my labor. A chocolate chip cookie so divine, (the more chocolate the better,) we could look to the heavens in praise. From this, was born the Original Sin. Its a cookie so soft and chocolatey while it challenges the tasetbuds with a feeling of decadence. Cookies and bars that tempt the senses and may create a bad habit or two. I hope you enjoy them and feel all the love that goes into each one.

Welcome to Original Sin Baking Co.


Loved the chocolate chip cookies. They were so rich and flavorful and the perfect portion size!

David D.

The strawberry oat bars are the perfect excuse to have a sweet for breakfast and delivery was right as promised!

Mike K.

These cookies were the perfect taste of home. Moms cooking delivered right to me!

Emily P.